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Link to: Spence Bay N Games July 1984
Spence Bay Northern Games - July 1984Location: Spence Bay - TaloyoakSegment 1: Seal skinning contest between women from different communities, then men.Segment 2: The one...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 14:37
Link to: Takujuminaqtut-Seal Hunt-fish Nets-Bannock Eating contest _1993
Program name: Takujuminaqtut Producer: Rankin Inlet – Inuit Broadcasting CorporationHost: Leo SubgutCamera: Lukie AingiliqLocation: Rankin InletSegment 1: Men hunt for...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 15:10
Link to: Takuyaksat # 100 _1992
Program name: TakuyaksatTakuyaksat was a Baker Lake production involving cultural activities, storytelling, hunting, sewing, and legends.Producer: Semi Nukiruaq – Baker...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 15:31
Link to: Takuginai S 10 Ep 5
Program name: TakuginaiTakuginai (Look Here): This is the premiere Aboriginal language program in North America directed at children. Takuginai is one of IBC's longest...
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IBC admin
2014-12-24 06:45
Link to: Flor Andere, Mazahua (speaking Mazahua)
Click 'more info' for Synopsis in EnglishFlor Andere a Mazahua woman from San Pedro de los Baños, Mexico speaks about how she learned Mazahua through her grandparents. She...
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Gabriela Gamez
2009-05-25 13:01
Link to: Angirattut (Full Film)
Director: Zacharias Kunuk | Canada | Inuktitut | 2014After being relocated from their homeland 5 decades ago and dispersed throughout Nunavut, a group of elders return to...
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Zacharias Kunuk
2015-10-06 13:34
Link to: Cooking With Janet - BL 3- 1980
Baker Lake Adult Education Production  1980Cooking with Janet TagoonaSimple instructions on how to cook caribou cabbage rollsHost: Janet TagoonaProducer (Titirataujuq):...
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IBC admin
2015-02-08 15:54
Link to: Nunatsiakmiut - Senior Citizens
Iqaluit Senior CitizensHost: PitseolalaProducer: Iqaluit - Inuit Broadcasting CorporationSegment 1: Elders playing a traditional children’s toy using seal flippers...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 14:22
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