• 2m 6s

    2016 Arviat Hope Walk - Reflections with Shelby and Innosar

    uploaded by: ARVIATTV

    channel: ARVIATTV

    JAHS graduates and role models for Inuit youth, Shelby Angalik and Innosar Issakiark from Arviat TV share their reflections on the 2016 Arviat Hope Walk.

    The youth-organized event was conceived during the Arviat Youth Leadership Camp held July 1-8, 2016 with support from the Hamlet of Arviat, TakingITGlobal and the Samuel Family Foundation. 

    uploaded date: 10-07-2016

  • Drawing

    uploaded by: LN09

    channel: LN_MTL

     These are some drawing I made with photoshop. Was made to be simple and represent who I am.

    uploaded date: 15-04-2016

  • 6m 40s

    123-07173OT-Takuginai-happy song and card game

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: Takuginai Educator Series

    Mary Ineak sings "If you're happy and you know it" with two children, Tooneejoulee Kootoo and Mialia Shiutiapik, and plays an animal card game. Miali Ainia marruunik surusiinni ingiqatiqaqtillugu "quviasummarikuviimi" ammalu pinguaqatiqaqtillugu uumajuit missaanut.


    uploaded date: 30-03-2016

  • 28m 18s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 2

    Program name: Inukshuk
    Producer: Baker Lake - Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Hugh Haqpik
    Segment 1: The life story of Henry Ford, who lives in Baker Lake.
    Segment 2: Jacob Ikinilik tells his life story.

    uploaded date: 07-02-2016

  • 28m 53s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 2

    Program name: Unnukkut
    Producer: Baker Lake – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Peter Tapatai

    Segment 1: William Noah from Baker Lake talks about the new arts building that is being built in Baker Lake.

    Segment 2: Esa Taraq from Baker Lake tells stories about when she was young.

    uploaded date: 20-01-2016

  • 29m 55s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 2

    Program name: Igliniit
    Producer: Iqaluit – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Location: Iqaluit, Nunavut
    Host: Leetia Ineak

    Segment 1: In 1990, the Hunter and Trappers Association in Iqaluit has a meeting about the polar bear quota. An individual is also interviewed about the quota.

    uploaded date: 18-01-2016

  • 24m 15s


    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Program name: Qaggiq
    Qaggiq (Gathering Place) was a current affairs program (refers to a large igloo built for the gathering of several families).
    Producer: Iqaluit – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Paul Quassa

    uploaded date: 26-05-2015

  • 26m 52s

    Kiviu's Journey Part 3 Kiviu M00020-003 _1999

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Kiviu's Journey Part 3

    With English subtitles

    APTN-Our lives our voices

    Directed and written by: Martin Kreelak
    Producer: Janice Epp, Ole Gjerstad
    Produced by: Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Executive Producer: Debbie Brisebois
    Director of Network and programming: Pitseolak Kilabuk
    Narrator: Abraham Tagalik

    uploaded date: 21-05-2015

  • 10m 19s

    Naarjuk - Final Demo - 2012

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Amitturmiut

    This beautiful video was made in part through the financial support of Government of Nunavut Department Culture, Language, Elders and Youth in 2012. A mix of live shows and scenes shot on the island of Igloolik.

    uploaded date: 23-04-2015