seal skins

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    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 3

    Program name: Qaggiq
    Qaggiq (Gathering Place) was a current affairs program (refers to a large igloo built for the gathering of several families).
    Producer: Taloyoak – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Abby Totalik

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    uploaded date: 02-02-2017

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    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC 2

    Program name: Takujuminaqtut / Takuyuminaqtut
    Producer: Rankin Inlet - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Emily Karetak
    Location: Rankin Inlet, Nunavut
    Segment 1: Elders in Rankin Inlet enjoy playing games at Christmas time organized by the Health Centre.
    Segment 2: Mariano Aupilarjuk tells stories to students. … Read more

    uploaded date: 26-02-2016

  • 28m 53s

    Tohaknaak Ep 47A - 1988

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Program name: Tohaknaak
    Producer: Derek Andrews, Sara A. Green, James Kavanna and James Panioyak- Cambridge Bay - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: James Kavanna
    Camera: Derek Andrews
    Audio: Derek Andrews

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    uploaded date: 31-05-2015

  • 13m 48s

    Nunatsiakmiut Ep 9

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    channel: IBC

    Program name: Nunatsiakmiut
    Producer: Nunatsiakmiut Community Television Society / Nunatsiakmiut Film Society was launched in Frobisher Bay in 1975. This was the earliest Inuit filmmaking group in the Eastern Arctic. Nunatsiakmiut means ‘People From the Beautiful Land.’

    Location: Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay)

    Segment 1: Inuit prepare wolf skins.

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    uploaded date: 19-05-2015

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    uploaded by: Marie-Hélène Cousineau

    channel: Arnait Video Productions

    Umiaq is a documentary about a group of elders in Igloolik, who decide to build an umiaq, a boat covered with seal skins. In Inuktitut.

    Filmmaker: Madeline Ivalu, Carol Kunnuk

    Filmmaker Contact:


    info [at] arnaitvideo [dot] ca

    Producer's Name: Arnait Video Productions

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    uploaded date: 12-06-2008