• 30m 42s

    Caribou Storyteller

    uploaded by: Jenna

    channel: Jenna

    In Caribou Storyteller Elders tell stories of people who lived on the land; showing us what the story is today, what it looks like now and who goes there now…with many questions around: are people still hunting caribou?

    Is it still a caribou route? Are there development companies working there now?

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    uploaded date: 25-09-2019

  • Tupiliarniq

    uploaded by: John Hodgins

    channel: Kingulliit

    This film shows the building of a seal-skin tent, and how the skin was primed for such construction.

    TUPILIURNIQ (1973)

    Fabrication of a ringed seal skin tent with the family of Iqallijuq, Michel Kupaaq and Jeannie Arnainnuk

    16 mm colour movie, silent

    Excerpt presented : 1 minute 30

    Director : B. Saladin d’Anglure

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    uploaded date: 26-09-2015