Siugarjuk 2013

  • The camp in the day
  • Viewing the day's footage
  • Zacharias and crew have tea
  • The camp at night


12 November 2013


Photos from Zacharias Kunuk's recent trip to Siugarjuk. 

Zacharias and his crew traveled to Siujarjuk last August to join 13 elders at a traditional campsite. Their stories where captured on film and will soon be part of a new documentary project titled Coming Home.

Coming Home is a 90-minute film documenting Inuit knowledge, tradition and history during a restorative healing ceremony of Siugarjuk Inuit. 

Elders return to Siugarjuk and embrace the restorative power of their homeland to heal personal loss. They share their life history and oral history of an ancient way of life to help the next generation of Inuit meet the challenge of survival in the 21st century.


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