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Nutaraqtariaavituq / Expecting the Child


07 February 2014


NITV: Nutaraqtariaavituq / Expecting the Child (77 mins), Glacialis Productions 2013, Director Amélie Breton, Francois Prevost. Inuktut w/English s-t.

This movie sheds light on a personal, professional and cultural level which entails birthgiving in Inukjuaq, Nunavik.  In January 2005, Phoebe Atagootalook is the first inuit women to officially be approved by the perinatal committee for a homebirth since the 1960’s.  The film follows Phoebe and her family for the two weeks before the birth of her fifth child : Mumlu.  We follow Phoebe’s intention : «to show other Inuit women that they have a choice to give birth wherever they feel like, it’s natural.» Bringing back birth whithin communities is bringing back life in the villages.

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