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I work for a inuit circus company called Artcirq. I'm also currently working with Kingulliit Productions and were working on installing media players around Nunavut.See more


  • Artcirq

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    Artcirq is an Inuit artistic collective based in Igloolik, Nunavut.

    Founded in 1998 to combat youth suicide with artistic opportunity, Artcirq has evolved into a community-based circus and multimedia organization, allowing northern and southern artists to bridge and meet in a meaningful and creative way.

    uploaded date: 16-10-2007

  • MLA Campaign October 2013

    uploaded by: derekman88

    Here are some videos of our politicians in Igloolik and Hall Beach running for MLA Amittuq/Aggu riding.

    uploaded date: 15-10-2013

  • 10m 41s


    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Artcirq

    This is the first music video clip ever made in Igloolik, with the band "Eskiez", a very nice inspiration for all other musicians in town!! Other music video clips are on the way.

    Filmmaker: Guillaume Saladin and Derek Aqqiaquq

    Filmmaker Contact:


    uploaded date: 01-11-2007

  • 6m 34s

    Maana (Now)

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Our Lands

    A young Inuk, acknowledging the global warming and its impacts on his community, intends to reduce drastically the energy consumption of his village.

    Filmmaker: Félix Pharand D.

    Filmmaker Contact: /

    Producer's Name: Guillaume Saladin / Artcirq

    uploaded date: 01-11-2007

  • 4m 35s

    Short Skit of Artcirq

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Artcirq

    This video is part of a series of other documentaries around a youth Inuit group, Artcirq, who are trying to express their reality and identity in modern days.

    Filmmaker: Natar Ungalaq

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Visit our website

    Producer's Name: Natar Ungalaq

    uploaded date: 22-10-2007

  • 35m 59s

    Eskimomo rough edit

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Artcirq

    This rough draft is a preliminary video about the experience of Yamoussa Bangourra, African Dancer, acrobat juggler musician, coming to the high Arctic in the coldest period of the year, January, when the sun is not visible? Meeting the troup of Artcirq,

    Filmmaker: Guillaume Saladin

    Filmmaker Contact:


    uploaded date: 28-07-2007

  • 10m 10s

    Artcirq Short Doc

    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Artcirq

    a short documentary about youth training to put on a show in Igloolik

    Filmmaker: Solomon Uyarasuk

    Filmmaker Contact:


    Visit our website

    Producer's Name: Guillaume Saladin-Artcirq

    Year of Production: 2007

    Distributor Information:

    uploaded date: 28-07-2007

  • 8m 48s


    uploaded by: Artcirq

    channel: Artcirq

    This short film highlights the importance, in a small Arctic community, of simply saying "hello" to those we meet on the streets. This could change or even save a life.

    Production year: 2007
    Format: HDV

    Filmmaker: Bruce Haulli
    Producer: Guillaume Saladin & Bruce Haulli (Artcirq)

    uploaded date: 21-02-2006

  • 48m 2s

    Kunuk Family Reunion

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    In June 2003, Cannes prize-winner Zacharias Kunuk's family gathered at their traditional home camp site of Siuraajuk, to share stories and honor the ancestors who came before them: a wedding; a burial; messages from the past.

    DIRECTOR: Zacharias Kunuk

    uploaded date: 17-10-2004

  • 48m 3s

    Angakkuiit (Shaman Stories)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    Inuit memories and experiences of shamanism, and oral histories about the last shamans practicing in the region of Igloolik, Nunavut. Interviewees range from young people to elders and politicians, but they all share a belief that things happen, and that shamanism is still a living religion.

    DIRECTOR(S): Paulossie Qulitalik, Zacharias Kunuk

    uploaded date: 30-12-2003

  • 51m 23s

    Ajainaa! (Almost!)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    Ajainaa! features Igloolik Elders discussing their views of contemporary Inuit life. Topics include the role of Inuit and "Southern" forms of education, survival strategies (such as how to save a drowning victim), and the differences between camp and settlement life. Written, produced, and performed by Isuma's Uqallangniq Elders Group.

    uploaded date: 18-11-1994

  • 48m 15s

    Nanugiurutiga (My First Polar Bear)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    The 11-year old son of Zacharias Kunuk is taught by his grandfather to capture his first bear. Igloolik elder, Abraham Ulayuruluk, recounts stories about hunting polar bears in the old days. Authentic views of hunting the most feared and respected animal in the Arctic.

    Nanugiurutiga is a part of the Unikaatuatiit (Story Tellers) Series.

    uploaded date: 16-11-1994

  • 50m 45s

    Nipi (Voice)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    Rapid change from traditional to modern life in Nunavut, like many post-colonial societies, has concentrated power, wealth and information in a few hands. Nipi examines fundamental questions of democracy, power and change in Nunavut and indirectly in Canada itself: in education, religion, gender, lifestyle, the distribution of economic development and the make-up and inner structure o

    uploaded date: 02-11-1994

  • IBC

    uploaded by: Gabriela Gamez

    The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation provides a window to the Arctic by producing award-winning television programming by Inuit, for Inuit. Created in the late 1970's, IBC is, indeed, Nunavut’s public producer. IBC does not produce the regular fare of TV sitcoms and talk shows.

    uploaded date: 15-01-2009

  • Igloolik Radio Online

    uploaded by: IgloolikRadio

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    uploaded date: 03-04-2012

  • NIPIVUT NUNATINNII Our Voice at Home

    uploaded by: IsumaTV

    Nipivut Nunatinnii Our Voice at Home Igloolik Community Radio Online +1.867.934.8080 or 8082 or

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    Digital Indigenous Democracy (DID)


    uploaded date: 14-05-2012

  • NITV (Igloolik community-TV 1995-2007)

    uploaded by: Zacharias Kunuk

    Check out NITV Today (Community Networks)

    Nunavut Independent Television Network (formerly called Tarriaksuk Video Centre), based in Igloolik, Nunavut, is Canada's first artist-run media centre located in a remote Inuit community. Founded in 1991, NITV's mandate is to encourage and support the creation of artistic, community-based media productions that serve the objectives of self-representation and cultural/linguistic preservation by adapting Inuit oral traditions to modern media technologies. Specifically, NITV aims to expand local access television in Igloolik and link other Nunavut communities through NITV on IsumaTV 3.0, by developing the use of Internet-TV (IPTV) to increase the production and distribution of Inuktitut-language and other Aboriginal programming. NITV is one of the founding members of IsumaTV [], a collective multimedia internet platform for Inuit and Aboriginal media worldwide. NITV also is one of the founding partners in Digital Indigenous Democracy, an effort to bring global partners into a working collaboration through 3.0 internet and socio-political networking. As a "Northern Internet Distributor" NITV on IsumaTV is recognized as an "eligible broadcaster" by the Canada Media Fund to trigger CMF financing from the Aboriginal Fund Envelope. More information at

    uploaded date: 12-12-2007

  • Taloyoak Television

    uploaded by: IsumaTV

    Welcome to Channel 51 Taloyoak Tv.If you want to view certain videos posted on let Channel 51 Maintainer Joseph Quqqiaq Jr know which video or videos you would like to view on Taloyoak Tv Channel 51.Thank You,Enjoy!!!

    uploaded date: 05-11-2014

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