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I am a film director and and an interactive media producer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

As a director and producer of films and interactive media , I look to contribute to an audio-visual culture that is rational, critical, thoughtful, and socially relevant, which contributes to the understanding of our reality. One of the objectives I have when doing my work is to foster social development, to spread culture and tradition, promote human rights, diffuse scientific understanding and stimulate artistic creativity.

Some of my work has been screened at festivals in Europe, Asia, and North and South America, including festivals such as IDFA 2000 (Amsterdam, Netherlands), HotDocs 2008 (Toronto, Canada), 2009 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece), and others.

While living in Mexico, I was one of the co-founders of the organization Homovidens, an audiovisual laboratory which focused on producing documentaries with a concern for social justice issues. The film Voces de la Guerrero is emblematic of the work emerging from Homovidens. This project was a video documentary narrating the experience of the participants in a video and photo workshop dedicated to street children in Mexico city.

I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Audiovisual Media Production in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in affiliation with the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel in Paris (INA), France. I also completed a Masters of Fine Arts (Film Production) at Concordia University in Montreal and graduated from the prestigious Interactive Media training program at the Institut National de l’Image et du Son (I.N.I.S.) in Montreal, Canada.

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