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July 7th. 2020, Mr Morin hopes you are all doing well. Donald Morin, an artist who first started out at Carnegie Centre Talent Night Carnegie Community Centre , Vancouver. He has performed at the Museum of Anthology Vancouver, National Children’s Castle Tokyo, and toured Europe 1999. He writes & performs his original music and has worked as lead Actor, modern Dancer, radio host, Filmmaker, and Teacher in Acting, Film and Native Professional Development Programs. A man you can know, like and trust. “The Creator’s muse is the portal to all that is, was and is to be”.See more


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    This site will be for Donald Morin's Music, CV, acting demo, short mediaworks, his experimental films, and other works

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    uploaded date: 29-10-2008

  • TILM.COM, The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company

    uploaded by: DonaldMorin ( The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company will be an inter-disciplinary performance and production company, which will utilized a complete different approach to indigenous perpectives of our digital age. Operations will initiate operations with a kickstart project designed to work with a group of Indigenous people off the streets

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    uploaded date: 23-10-2013

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