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Rest In Peace Heiltsuk Gentleman Jim White, s great supporter of The Native Longhouse Ministry on 2595 Franklin Street in Vancouver, BC. Rest In Peace. Everyone else, thank you visiting site, supporting my work and sharing. My next film needs your support. It is always sad to hear about people, family and friends passing on; life is precious and short. Do what you can to serve the Creator, help others less fortunate, do good. Happy New Year all Pray for a safe 2017! Available for work. I have all my creative tools, but lost my digital mixer. Was able to secure a 4 k camera and a HD Canon Vixia for work, and would love to get my music on line to sell and support myself. I am now 60, a grandpa, but can not do it alone anymore, and need help from the Creator's garden in getting my music sold and professionally produced. God bless you all, I send this out with God's love for you all Available for music work, acting, and film work. Email me donaldmorin[at] if you have a great project!!!!!! May The Great Spirit guide you all as you pass time and space away. Many people leaving for the spirit world, Friends, Friends of friends, sons and daughters, Fathers and Mothers, Elders and babies, Thank the Creator everyday you wake up and ask for guidance and safe travels, honest living to provide for your family, and embrace all that is good in this world, for he is coming soon, and time and space will change in according to the word, the spirit of the word, Aho All my relations! A-men, Shalom, Peace be with you all, Thanks for stopping by. Rest In Peace Leonard, You helped me when you were homeless, you laugh when I floundered on this earth, you smiled when I helped you, taking tobacco to honor our Creator. Leonard who you will seen in the Performing In Waikiki Stream died in December 2015. If you recognize him and know his last name, let me know. His passing was confirmed yesterday with the profile picture , when I asked the other street people around Waikiki if this was the man they were referring too. A talent now with our Creator. See you again Leonard....Donald Morin early works has involved the LEAD role of SAM WOLF in IOU Land for Caravan Farm Theatre, (Marty) in The Tipping Point for Theatre in the Raw and the Lead role of Eddy LaRoche from Robert Morin's Film Windigo. He completed the DVD of his 7 Fires 4 U Kitchi Manitou feature film project, and presenting his paper NDNs In The Age of Terror for The Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference in Atlanta Georgia, USA. He sat on the media arts jury for Canada Council for the Arts, helped teach Native youth media programs and their professional development media for IMAG (Indigenous Media Arts Group) Vancouver. In 1992 Donald as well performed at F.I.N.D 92. Festival International Nouveau Dance in Montreal withe Karen Jamieson Dance Company. All serious performance and acting work inquirers for Mr. Morin can be directed to Darryl Mork Talent 780.455.4215, or 780.983.7189See more


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    by: DonaldMorin

    This site will be for Donald Morin's Music, CV, acting demo, short mediaworks, his experimental films, andother works


  • TILM.COM, The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company

    by: DonaldMorin ( The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company will be an inter-disciplinary performance and production company, which will utilized a complete different approach to indingeous perpectives of our digital age. Operations will initiate operations with a kickstart project designed to work with a group of Indigenous people off the streets


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