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16th Jan 2019 – 4th Comment - Zach Kunuk - Igloolik - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


Zacharias concerned about the drinking water near and down streem of the mine, and the livelyhood of the workers in the camp itself, and the sudden change of the rail plan.

Zacharias Kunuk. We hear a lot from Baffinland, their proposals. We hear from the public what they want. In Phase 1, Inuit were saying that they should keep a close eye but it’s not like that. In the spring time the hunters were told not to get potable water. People have voiced this on facebook. We haven’t heard anything about the rivers that go in and out of Mary River, whether the water quality and quantity has been studied. It has been impacted, has spoken about these concerns to Baffinland. He didn’t quite believe that they were not able to drink their own potable water, that the water may already be contaminated. We were told that if it is flowing than it is drinkable but it is not quite what he has heard from members of the community.

We hear that members from their community are being treated differently, there is belittlement that is totally unacceptable and has to be raised so it is stopped.

About the railway: we hear that they want to build it as far as Milne Inlet, my friend Peter and I were happy that they were going to build the railroad further away from our community. He wonders if there are going to be two different ports. It is very confusing. Would be ideal to build a railroad to Steensby rather than to Milne. Is hearing conflicting comment as to how the transport infrastructure is going to be built. Part of the port area where they want to transport the ore is not deep.


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