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17th Jan 2019 – 3rd Comment - Paul Quassa - Igloolik - Inuktitut


01 February 2019


MLA Paul Quassa: I have been hearing of much dust coming from the mine and that it is very fine and is effecting the plants, vegetation and lakes with fishes, that will need to be addressed. And the animals have better hearing than people, so the noise from the railroad will have to be put into consideration.

A lot of red dust as a result of transporting the iron ore. We heard that the white foxes have been discolored as a result of the iron ore being dispersed during transportation. During the Phase 2 and the increased production, he is very concerned that the dust will have even more impacts on the wildlife and the plants that they feed on. Should be reconsidered. We need to find mitigating measures, because a lot of dust that is being dispersed all over the environment and the vegetation has already been impacted. It doesn’t grow very tall and the impact could be important.


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