Aua character outline

Before I was born, my mother was cursed by an evil shaman who whispered in her ear, 'All your children will be born dead!' and it was so. But when my mother broke taboo, I began struggling and kicking to get out through her navel, a sensitiveness that was a sign I should live to become a great shaman. And so I did, although I do not know myself how it came about. Eventually I gained my qaumaniq and my tuurngait came to me, the shore spirit and the shark spirit. My helping spirits left me once, when I was very melancholy and filled with sorrow, but one day the song about joy came to me, and they returned. My home is Iglulik, where I live with my wife Orulu, and am the leader of our camp, which includes our son Natar and our daughter Apak. When I met Knud Rasmussen and his companions, I could see they had a long and tiring journey, and I welcomed them to our snow huts. We began a friendship, and he was most interested in our experiences. I taught him about our customs, which are not the same as those of the white men who live in another land. Even when we were stiff and sore from a long day of seal hunting, we would settle into our caribou skins, full from thick blood-soup and skewers of meat, and share our lives and our stories.

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