Evaluarjuk character outline

When I met Captain George C. Comer, we were on his whaling schooner Era, a week's hard travel to the south of my home in Iglulik, where I lived with my brother Aua, a shaman like me, and our families. Comer showed me a chart of the new syllabic alphabet the missionaries invented to write our language, Inuktitut, for the first time. I quickly learned to write my name, and Comer gave me a bible written in Inuktitut. At that time, it was just another story, and I didn't yet know of the influence that book would have on my family and me later in life. Twelve years after spending time with Comer, while at George Cleveland's trading post in Repulse Bay, my young wife and I met three visitors from Greenland. They were a little like Whites and like us at the same time. Kunnut, also known as Knud Rasmussen, spoke Inuktitut, and I drew for him a map of the coastline from Repulse Bay to Iglulik. He and his companions visited our camp near Repulse Bay, and later came to Iglulik, to hear our songs and legends and learn our beliefs. Rasmussen respected our ways, and he tried to understand the choices we later made, that in some ways we were forced to make.

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