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Inclusion in Northern Research 2170: Oral History Goes Nuclear


04 July 2021


From Traditional Knowledge to the age of Thermonuclear Weapons: Working alongside facilitators and researchers from the Northern Inclusion Project, youth and interested community members will be taught to collect and study archival documents, develop communication and interviewing techniques, research and apply ethical procedures and requirements, and learn skills related to the use of communications media and film.

One of our goals is to document, share and showcase techniques and approaches that can be used effectively with Indigenous youth, Elders and local community members who may have little or no previous research experience; and to train them to a level such that they can conduct basic research on issues and concerns important to their lives and communities.

Using Novaya Zemlya, one of the two major nuclear test sites managed by the USSR, we will also study the legacy of multi-stage thermonuclear weapons design and Arctic testing in the 1960s; and to learn about the long-term radiological and environmental impacts of their use.

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