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118-07123OT-Takuginai-storytelling about 3 orphan brothers


30 March 2016


Animated storytelling about three brothers who didn't have parents. They had to hunt for themselves in order to survive. They were walking and looking for animals to hunt. They were so hungry. They got back to their tent and the oldest sibling said "I'm going in the tent and I will come out as a wolf." He sang a song and came out as a wolf. The middle child did the same thing and came out as a fox. The youngest sibling came out as a raven. He flew around to look for animals to eat. He spotted a caribou and went to look for his siblings. The raven said that he would lead them to the caribou and that the wolf and the fox could catch him. They caught a caribou and ate it. They decided to remain as animals and a bird because they knew that they wouldn't be as hungry as they were as humans.

Inuktitut for above: Pingasut angutiit iliarqjuulauqtut, pisukatalauqtut kaatutit. Angijuttiqpaangat uqaqtuq "tupiup iluanuurlunga, amarururlunga aniniarama" asuillaa tupiup iluanuurami ingiliqtuminiq amarurumalluni. Asuillaak amaruulluni anijuminiq. Qatangutingata ilanga uqarilluni "tiriganianguluniguuq aniniaqtuq" asuillaak tiriganiangulluni anniquq. nukaqtippaangat tulugaruqtuni tupirmi anninirivuq. Qangataruluujaqtuni uumajuqsiuliqtuviniq. Tuttumik takugami angijungik uqautigiaqtuliqtaminingik. Sivukkataqtigijaulluni qaujimmataulluni tuttulialiqtuminiit. Asuillaa tuttuliqtuminiit nirijauliqtuni tuttu. Takua nirjutiunnginaliqtuviniit taimangallu taimanainnginaliqsutit.


Takuginai (Look Here): This is the premiere Aboriginal language program in North America directed at children. Takuginai is one of IBC's longest running, best known and most loved programs. The series features the likes of "Johnny" the lemming and other locally made puppets and young hosts. Takuginai educates Inuit children with cultural values such as respect for elders, sharing and patience, and having fun in the process. Takuginai also teaches Inuktitut numbers, colours, sizes and syllabics. Takuginai was created for the five to seven year-old age group; however, the show is enjoyed by people of all ages. Older episodes of Takuginai were half-hour programs produced in Iqaluit with segments also provided by our other centres. More recent videos include animation. The newest episodes are 15 minutes and are available at http://www.isuma.tv/Takuginai-Web-Series.
The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, established in Canada's territory of Nunavut, has been producing Inuit language video, by, for and about Inuit since 1981. This video is from their collection and has been made available on the Internet for your enjoyment through funding provided by the Government of Canada and the Government of Nunavut.

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