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12 February 2015


Program name: Tohaknaak
Producer: Cambridge Bay – Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Sarah Green
Location: Cambridge Bay

Public Meeting Host: James Kavana
Segment 1: Hunters and Trappers Association Public meeting in Cambridge Bay.

The film is documented in Inuinnaqtun.

Items of discussion: the meat plant, policies regarding wildlife.

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29m 51s


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by Marie-Hélène Cousineau

30 October 2009


Third Inuit feature (2009) in The Fast Runner Trilogy.

Winner of Best Canadian First Feature at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival, Before Tomorrow is the first feature film written and directed by Igloolik's Arnait Video Productions women's collective, which have been filming Inuit women's stories since 1991. Story based on For Morgendaggen by Jorn Riel.

Circa 1840. Two isolated families meet after many years. It is summer; a happy time to celebrate their reunion. Despite the joyful mood, Ningiuq, an old woman of strength and wisdom, cannot stop worrying. Is it the illness of her best friend, Kutuguk, who is preparing to die? Or is it the strange foreign object that Maniq, her favourite grandson, found on the beach? .

After a successful fishing season, the families decide to dry the winter's catch on a remote island. Ningiuq volunteers to take on this chore. Her faithful grandson Maniq follows her, as does the old Kutuguk. As the cold of fall begins the three wait in vain for the hunters to return. When the first snow falls Ningiuq decides to return to the main camp with Maniq to see what has happened to the others


"A profound, elemental and hauntingly beautiful period drama that makes an intimate story of endurance into a metaphor for an entire culture." Alissa Simon, Variety.

"Mesmerizingly beautiful, with heartbreaking performances by the principals, this third film in the trilogy from Igloolik Isuma Productions...has maybe 10 pages of dialogue, but it flies by." Susan Cole, Now Magazine.

"A mythic quality, a sense of symbolism and spirits that seem to rise from the tundra.... Before Tomorrow is about the end of the end." Jay Stone, National Post.

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1h 32m 23s


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Keewatin Region, NU, Canada