• 53m 58s


    uploaded by: Stéphane Rituit

    channel: Bernard Saladin d'Anglure

    Mitiarjuk: femme inuit du Québec arctique.

    Film 16mm couleur avec son synchrone, 1977, tourné à Kangirsujuaq-Wakeham dans le Québec arctique, pour l'émission "femmes d'aujourd'hui" de Radio-Canada.

    Mitiarjuk est une femme-écrivain et notre principale informatrice dans ce village.

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    uploaded date: 16-11-2010

  • 19m 52s

    Dogs for Dogteaming

    uploaded by: samcc

    channel: IBC

    Episode about the dogs used in dogteaming.

    Producer's Name: Paul Angilirq

    Country: Canada

    Region: Qimaivvik

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    uploaded date: 25-05-2009

  • 49m 24s

    Inuit Piqutingit (What Belongs to Inuit)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: Inuit Culture Education

    A group of Nunavut elders travel to five museums in North America to see and identify artifacts, tools and clothing collected from their Inuit ancestors. Directed by Zacharias Kunuk and Bernadette Dean.

    Filmmaker: Zacharias Kunuk, Bernadette Dean

    Filmmaker Contact: zkunuk [at] isuma [dot] ca; saniruaq [at] qiniq [dot] com;

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    uploaded date: 10-05-2006

  • 28m 54s

    Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 9: Aiviaq (Walrus Hunt)

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: Jon's Working Channel

    Nunavut (Our Land) TV Series Episode 9. Igloolik, Summer 1946. The distant sound of the atookatookatook ¼, the first gas engine to arrive in Igloolik, brings a surprise visitor to Qaisut, island of the walrus hunters. The Priest arrives to study Inuit life, to dig in the ancient ruins and to see the hunt.

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    uploaded date: 03-12-1995

  • 28m 54s

    Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 10: Qaisut

    uploaded by: Norman Cohn

    channel: Jon's Working Channel

    Nunavut (Our Land) TV Series Episode 10. Igloolik, Summer 1946. After the walrus hunt everyone is happy. There will be lots to eat for a long time. Children climb the famous cliffs of Qaisut, exploring paths and ruins left by hunters from the ancient times. Good walrus hunting doesn't only attract Inuit. Suddenly, Grandmother sees a polar bear after the meat.… Read more

    uploaded date: 02-12-1995