• 2m 48s

    Atanarjuat The Fast Runner trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Trailer of the first Inuit feature film Atanarjuat The Fast Runner, a life-threatening struggle of love, jealousy, murder and revenge between powerful natural and supernatural characters set in ancient Igloolik. Watch this complete film on iTunes.

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    uploaded date: 01-02-2017

  • 2m 27s

    Tráiler Babel Times Tríptico

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: babeltimer

     This is a trailer of an animated short called "Babel Times", made in memory of Manuel Quintín Lame (1880 - 1967), an extraordinary native man from Cauca, Colombia.  This Short is made to search conscience of human impact on the health of water in new generations.

    uploaded date: 09-11-2012

  • 10m 1s

    Emile Immaroitok with Bernard Saladin d'Anglure, 1972, Trailer 10:01 ᓂᐲᑦ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ and English with French subtitles

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: My Father's Land

    Emile Immaroitok with Bernard Saladin d'Anglure 1972, 10:01 ᓂᐲᑦ ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ Inuktitut and English, French sub-titles. Assembled into a trailer of Zacharias Kunuk videos filmed over years on the hunt and in Igloolik, editor Carol Kunnuk.

    Bernard Saladin d’Anglure: So Immaroitok, you arrived at your camp at Steensby Inlet?

    Emile Immaroitok: Yes.

    uploaded date: 08-06-2012

  • 34m 16s

    Mission de paix

    uploaded by: Anonymous



    Filmmaker: SunBow


    Producer: Ironwood Log

    Year of Production: 2009

    Distributor Information:

    Country: Canada

    uploaded date: 14-12-2009

  • 4m 8s

    New Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change Video Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: IsumaTV 2.0

    Here's our new project video trailer. It's a short summary of some of the incredible stories we've been hearing over our past month of filming in Pangnirtung, Resolute Bay and Iqaluit.

    uploaded date: 04-06-2009

  • 40s

    Lucky 13

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: imagineNATIVE08

    Directed by Pamela Matthews & Ellen Monague, Lucky 13 was created by ICMI's 2007-08 Students: Kendra Bailey, Chris Morriseau, Jennifer Deer, Luke Pheasant, Kyle Black and Albert Baldwin.

    Filmmaker: Indigenous Culture & Media Innovations

    Filmmaker Contact:


    uploaded date: 22-09-2008

  • 1m 8s

    Bloom Video Game Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Skyoneder

    This term 3 project was for a title sequence, I chose to do a video game, as I like the hype of a video game trailer, and I wanted this trailer to exude excitement, hype, energy, and inspire awe amongst its audience, with stunning visuals, maxed out sound effects, and a great soundtrack I got from 5 Alarm. I created the storyboard, produced and made the all the visual graphics, and sound effec

    uploaded date: 25-06-2008

  • 1m 14s

    imagineNATIVE Film + Media Festival Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival

    The imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is an international festival that celebrates the latest works by Indigenous peoples on the forefront of innovation in film, video, radio, and new media. Each fall, the festival presents a selection of the most compelling and distinctive Indigenous works from around the globe.

    uploaded date: 27-05-2008

  • 12m 15s

    Issaittuq Trailer

    uploaded by: Anonymous

    channel: Artcirq

    This is the trailer of the film "Issaittuq". A story about a young Inuk who lost his love. Using alcohol, he is trying to put the reality and the past behind, but the past keeps hunting him. One day he looses control of himself and starts beating a man who's walking on a street beside his house.

    uploaded date: 14-02-2008