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Strata: Portraits of Humanity, November 2019


15 January 2020


 Strata: Portraits of Humanity, November 2019 (Archaeology, museums and the public; discovering ancient Trento, Italy [Part 1])

(1) In this episode of the ArchaeoDuck series, Annelies Van de Ven lends us her expert take on archaeology and museums, and talks about some of the AMAZING fieldwork she has done as part of her research. (2) Close to the Austrian border in northern Italy, the show’s hostess, Francesca, is instructed by Dr. Franco Marzatico on the prehistory of the Alpine region of Trento. This is the first of two episodes, featuring Neanderthal and early Homo sapiens remains, stelae from the 3rd century BC and lake dwellers of the Neolithic.

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28m 30s

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