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Strata: Portraits of Humanity, December 2019


15 January 2020


 Strata: Portraits of Humanity, December 2019 (How the Romans made glass; discovering ancient Trento, Italy [Part 2])

(1) In this episode of the ArchaeoDuck series, Chloe Duckworth takes us to the Roman Villa Borg in Germany, where Roman glass is being reconstructed in replica workshops by master glassblowers from around the world. (2) Close to the Austrian border in northern Italy, the show’s hostess, Francesca Mazzalei, and Dr. Franco Marzatico explore the prehistory and history of the Alpine region of Trentino. This is the second of two episodes, featuring ancient copper mining in the Bronze Age and silver mining in the Medieval Period.

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28m 30s

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