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Strata: Portraits of Humanity, October 2019


15 January 2020


Strata: Portraits of Humanity, October 2019 (Archaeology A to Z, Part 1; Egyptian mummy in upstate New York)

(1) Dr. Chloe Duckworth, in her “ArchaeoDuck” vlog series, expounds on a glossary of archaeological terms, in this episode from Archaeometry to Geophysics. (2) This film recounts the curious history of a 1st Century BC Egyptian mummy, covered in semi-legible hieroglyphs, which wound up in the “Library-Museum” of the village of Cazenovia in Madison County, New York. The film covers the transport of this mummy to a nearby hospital for a series of CT scans, which determined the probable cause of death of the 19-25 year-old male named “Hen.”

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