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29 April 2010


Synopsis: At the 1956 gathering of the Blood Indians of Alberta, the exciting spectacle of the Sun Dance was captured on film for the first time. The film examines Blood Indian culture and spirituality, showing how the theme of the circle reflects their connection to wildlife, and addresses the predicament of the young generation--those who have relinquished their ties with their own culture but have not yet found a firm place in a changing world.

Filmmaker: Colin Low

Contact: National Film Board of Canada

Producer: Tom Daly

Year of Production: 1960

Distributor Information: National Film Board of Canada

Country: Canada

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  • 32m 37s


    uploaded by: NFB

    channel: The National Film Board of Canada

    Synopsis: Selon les Inuit, chaque pierre que recueille le sculpteur renferme un secret. La sculpture inuit, découverte il y a quelques années, fut une véritable révélation. Elle est l'expression simple et poétique d'un génie bien particulier. Film tourné au Cap Dorset, en Terre de Baffin, parmi les Inuit de Kingait et de Kangiyiak.

    Filmmaker: John Feeney

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    uploaded date: 01-06-2010

  • 3m 47s


    uploaded by: NFB

    channel: The National Film Board of Canada

    Synopsis: La visite relate l'histoire vécue de l'étrange rencontre que fait une famille crie par une nuit neigeuse et d'une communication qui transcende les mots.

    Filmmaker: Lisa Jackson

    Contact: l'Office national du film du Canada et APTN

    Producer: Selwyn Jacob

    Year of Production: 2009

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    uploaded date: 30-04-2010