TILM.COM, The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company


23 October 2013


Tilm.com ( The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company is an inter-disciplinary performance and production company, which will utilized a complete different approach to indigenous perpectives of our digital age. Operations will initiate operations with a kickstart project designed to work with a group of Indigenous people off the streets

We will work for common goals which arise from our history, cultural background and connection or lack of connection to our mother tongue. Tilm will help creative projects which are of concerned for these unique indigenous peoples'  today.

Thanks for stopping by. Miigweech, O'Sien, Gila Kesla, Hiy Hiy

2020, Mr. Morin is currently in studies avec drama, modern dance, and music. His As A Koden Talking Story Who Is Your Name is complete and ready for production . His number one music site is hitting 1800 listens daily, now at a level of 583,952 total plays, and 710,149 profile views, as of 11-09-2020. His music original works range from 1981 to 2020, so it shows a progression of his songs from his 20s to 60s. Voice has changed over the years, and he was insecure about his voice for years due to the racism of society, He started digitizing the songs a few years ago, and now with better technology, processing them and getting them online for all to listen to. Most of these songs on numberone music site are also on the Reverbnation site, and Soundcloud. He is currently available for work in all areas of performance and production. Darryl Mork is his agent.

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