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23 October 2013


Tilm.com ( The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company will be an inter-disciplinary performance and production company, which will begin operations in the future. The company will initiate operations with a kickstart project designed to hire a small group of Indigenous youth artists off the streets for a five week intensive of performance and technical training. Emphasizing on the disciplines of movement and acting in the theatre and various "film" forms, the group will be shown ways on expanding their own sense of literacy in how he or she sees the world. Shared ways of how the fine and performing arts can help expand their literacy and understanding of the demands of society. How we all work for common goals which arise from our history, cultural background and connection or lack of connection to our mother tongue. Tilm will help creative projects which are of concerned for indigenous young people today. Working Title of Tilm's kickstart project is Indigenous Streets Arising. Following the completion of their digital shorts, Tilm will immediately begin readings on the One Act Play, Warm Up The Ice Cream, A zany comedy about everything and nothing, a empty space. Further work slated for Tilm.com will be the completion of Metis Winter Morning. Thanks for stopping by. Miigweech, O'Sien, Gila Kesla, Hiy Hiy

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