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15 March 2021


 The Eagle Feathers Film & Music Manufacturing Corporation
presents The Indigenous Literacy Manufacturing Company
Founder Donald Morin's Tilmcom.ca presents:

In God's Glory and our Life Bearers


Created for The Glory Of God, Jesus, the son of Man and Issac Lee Kootenay XOXO From the premise volume VII of The Memoirs of Grandfather, Father, Inter-disciplinary Artist/Performer & Filmmaker, Dancer: Donald Morin, BA The Battle Of Madness; Indigenous Creations of the new Millennium 2001 - 2021 copyright Donald Morin. :

Do Not Have to Get So High, lyrics and Music
by Donald Morin
My Auntie Darlene & Uncle Bill, Lyrics and Music by Donald Morin, BA
From the soundtrack of
Executive Producer Alexander Morin, Sponsor, Dwayne Gilham,
Additonal Funding Aboriginal filmmaker Loretta Todd of Mighty Sparrow Media Group
Arts Awards Alberta Banff Media Alliance
Alberta Arts Foundation; Indigenous Arts Award
www.tilmcm.ca, www.donaldmorinfilms.com

Looking for investors and partners dammedia@icloud.com

Some audio and images When Spirits Whisper Radio Show Archives, avec Doc Robert Jpseph, late Bill Lightbaum, BIlly Joe Green, Donald Morin, late James Nicholas, Gunargie O'Sullivan, and the late Mary Nippi, who beaded the guitar strap of SInger SoOngwriter and Interdisciplinary Artist and Teacher Donald Morin, BA....​

God bless you all

This post ...[is]... to share new work and the creations of a new video stream given to me in God's Glory to ...help a special person, The words written after a hard day's work in responsibilities and prayer. So why worry , does worrying add a single day, take your troubles, worried thoughts away? "No my little children, For I am love, mercy, kindness, and the spirit before the fast. Clean ones body, mind, and spirit, the soul is washed clean as the whiteness of the lamb. God is great." He gave us today, words for a new song, a new idea to create change. He allowed me to transition over into this day five hours ago to ... Sleep in the mess of the world, I wake up to this same day to work for my thoughts and prayers.... The Cave of Treasures may be a story from one's time of the flesh. Flesh the same as your and mine; twisted into to weapons of hate, war, and death by the EVIL reality of this time, close and so far, smiling so sweetly, In my face, in a machine with wheels, in my thoughts as pride becomes my downfall. For I will be nothing not here, there and everywhere, ... my songs on the floor. It is only through words, our life and deeds wil be remembered. For better or for worse, they say? ... Metatron shares what he records. I go to the right, I go to the left, A dream and a nightmare, I go..."Ya Ya ya ya", like my song before; Norm Bullion said, as I say today; "This is for the Native People!...[to late Baby Tramp]..You got to back me up!...)". I can write and say the truths or the lies to appease the crowd of swans and ducklings...I can pretend like #45, but the flesh is the same, slowly melting away, the one of the two hundred shared the beautiful colours of illusion to tease all men of wants and pleasures. So God bless everyone one of you....One soul had his words, demons , and dreams, I visited him once, with the lack of respect for the village of the dead, I was taught a lesson that day. Mon Pere Lachaise cemetery, the story within the Sauvage story of life, as my burgundy queen reminded me of the weakness of my flesh, blood spilling on the ground from my foot. Unworthiness to share time with the souls of greatness and shame. I walked to find my friends, Gave tobacco and prays to the one I smeared, meeting late Morrison laying there every so sweetly, humans giving praise to a pop culture idol transcending time and space. I gave tobacco again, as ones and others asked for a picture of me between the "Morin" family grave, and the grave of the one who wrote "...light my fire." God rest his soul. Merci Michelle Campbell, you were there, that fateful day, we walked among the great emptiness of life, creation and death, Artists and great humans to remember what was won and lost? ... IT is through our women ,we are taught the "Goodness of the Creator, and men watch today, as Naomi tells Ruth about the rewards of an over flowing cup. God, work and humility governs the day but we are all fallen, and words will be remembered. as God teaches me. IT was a battle in the mind, as this song started in the back ground of life 2017 when as Job, the cards were dealt, cosmic words shared and exchanged, my writing changed and began that day in praise of God, an angel of passed time , now over my son and grand daughter. So yes, you will worry, but please do not, Understand why I write these words, "For [our] days are numbered. as Metatron records the day. It is for Isaac I realized yesterday as today continues. God bless you again for your time and ears and eyes. XOXOXO
link to complete song of Don't have to Get So High: https://www.n1m.com/donaldmorin/song/...​

Tansi? Thinking of a young indigenous man at a crossroad, just like me so many years ago. I put my hands in the Creator's hands for the battle ahead. AS the lyrics of my new song goes:
The Battle of Madness
Lyrics & Music by Donald Morin
Written for the Glory of God, and the son of Man.
Who is Coming Soon.
See FB site for song details XOXO
The Battle of Madness
The battle of Spirits, Inside/outside
the mind of life, ... new day,
new earth, words not bound.
Music and Lyrics by Donald Morin, BA Graduate of Simon Fraser University School for Contemporary Arts, Burnaby, 1989. XOXOXO Additional Funding du Aboriginal filmmaker Loretta Todd of Mighty Sparrow Media Group
4K Camera on Song "Don't have to get so High." Gunargie O'Sullivan, 2008. An Eagle Feathers Film & Music Manufacturing Corporation Production ,

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