Rough Cut Hawaiian Sovereignty___AKA__Lefty-s Revolution_WMV V9

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Uploaded by: DonaldMorin

Uploaded date: 11 November 2017


I uploaded HIgh REsolution with new Edits of this rought Cut!! Original resolution:, Thank you for visiting here and my youtube channel


Had to Upload a smaller converted film of this rough tcut, as original 4K film over a million  MBs,


  Direction, rough cut of start of  DAMT5K...AKA Lefty's Revolution

High Rez Upload, Better than Isuma TV convert: Advice and comments,. So here is original export of Original stream and edit. DIfferent formats, I am an experimental filmmaker inter-disciplinary performer, While I greatly appreciated my performing career as an extra, special skills extra, actor, lead actor, supporting actor, modern dancer, and the TV Film, and Theatre sectors, I don't give a dam about the notion of having the latest camera, technology, and bells and whistles of the digital age, Hollywood , and so on. God bless all those artists out there in mass culture popular culture, but I am who I am as God is I am that I am; and I serve Jesus, God, the seeds of the universe, hopefully all of you in these days of sorrow. This film will be what is is in according to these end times. Because I was taught by the Great Al Razutis the subtle abstract David Rimmer, , the fine and distinguish documentarist Colin Browne , the firm fair Patricia Gruben, and the great Critic and theorist Michael Hurst, the deep theorist Kaja Silverman, the unique theatre artist Penelope Stella, the brilliant Olive Crawford, the extraordinary Monique Giard, and Barry Truax in Electro acoustic sound engineering. Also taught by late Martin Bartlett, Composer David McIntyre who gave me an "F' in music which was devastating to me at the time, as I was still not dealing with the 60s scoop years, just being a white Indian. SO formats in this film consist of DVCAM, 4K, Hi8, S-VHS, small HD canon Consumer cameras, my dream related Panasonic HD and the Canon Vixia which replaced dream cam when it was soaked during a shot above the bow. Still have to take that cam into repair to grab the digital media on chip. Other wise, blessings, grace and love to Executive Producer Alex Morin, Associate Producer Diane Fehr, Upcoming actor Fehr Brad, Ronald Alexander for being great, merciful, gracious, kind, compassionate, and a great servant of the whole community. So thank you for visiting, God bless you all


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