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Indigenous Filmmakers (english subtiles)


04 December 2014


From a gathering of indigenous filmmakers at the headquarters of the Video in the Villages in Olinda, the film presents a profile of its principal filmmakers and their performance in their villages. This film is a collaboration between Cristian Jure and Cartoy Emilio, author of the film "La guerra por otros medios", and the Vídeo nas Aldeias’ team.

2010 | 31 min
Direction: Vincent Carelli
Cinematography: Sérgio Stagnaro and Patrícia Ferreira
Additional images: Amandine Goisbault, Divino Tserewahú, Ernesto Ignácio de Carvalho, Jairão Kuikuro, Kabrinti Kisêdjê, Leonardo Sette, Tiago Campos Torres and Vincent Carelli
Indigenous Filmmakers: Ariel Ortega, Asusu Kuikuro, Bebito Pyãko, Divino Tserewahú, Jorge Morinico, Kamikia Kisêdjê, Patrícia Ferreira, Takumã Kuikuro, Whinti Suyá and Zezinho Yube
Vídeo nas Aldeias’ team: Amandine Goisbault, Ernesto de Carvalho, Leonardo Sette and Tiago Campos Tôrres
Editing: Leonardo Sette


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