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23 April 2011


Written by acclaimed Australian playwright David Milroy, this remarkable piece of theatre tells the story of two brothers set against each other over interests of family, country and native title.
Killer Kane is set on a modern day remote Aboriginal community in the Pilbara region of Australia's North-West that is best by storms of division and conflict when a mining company moves in with promises in return for community sign-off on an ‘Agreement’ to mine their traditional lands.
This pressure from corporate interests has necessitated Aboriginal communities to rapidly rethink the balance between cultural maintenance and economic growth. The urgency placed on these decisions and the high stakes involved have a direct impact on traditional family values and hierarchies. What must change and what must remain? Is there a middle ground?
Killer Kane looks at how greed and poverty sets families against each other; how mining company agents provoke and exploit these divisions; how custodians must fight to preserve the soul of their country and the unity of their communities against the money and power of mining companies.
Killer Kane is introduced by Yindjibarndi man, Michael Woodley, who talks about its relevance to the experience of his people in dealing with the Native Title system and mining companies.

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