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Swine River


18 April 2011


Set in the Pilbara of Western Australia, Swine River is the story of an Aboriginal group’s bitter experience dealing with an iron ore company that wants to mine its country at any cost. The play describes a ‘State Of Mining’ – Western Australian – where the Government and the courts bend over backwards to serve mining interests before anything else; where clearing tenements of Aboriginal sacred sites is the main game in town; where agents of mining work to divide and conquer communities; where our ancestral country is being wiped off the face of the earth ... so the names we have for it no longer have places... are no longer spoken... like the names of our dead.

The rapid expansion of mining is impacting on many Aboriginal peoples, including the country and community of the Yindjibarndi. In an introduction to the play, Yindjibarndi man, Michael Woodley, tells how his people are fighting for their lives against Fortescue Metals Group, and how Swine River gives a dramatic perspective of their struggle.

A TV play by David Milroy
Directed by Rick Brayford

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