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My name is Rosie Trakostanec, I'm Ojibwa/Saulteaux on my mothers' side/ Cree on my grandfathers. My father is European ( last name ). Published Author/Spirit Coach Transformational Speaker/Shaman/over 30 yrs experience Metaphysical/Ghosts/Apparitions/Soul Retrieval/Awkward/Unusual spirit/healing/learning modules/books/groups/individual/families with an array of souls:) • Past Life Healing/Through Sacred Breath Work Discovering the root causes linked to pain/suffering in your journey. By accessing your souls records/agreements from previous journeys. This shifts your pain energy to positive healing outcomes. You gain personal transformation and growth. Past life/DNA/Blueprint clearing is applied to healing your spirit from past traumas.By shifting karmic (energy) so you become creative,positive and healthy in all relationships plus the one with creator/self. Many of life’s questions are revealed through your souls journeys, through time. Business/Personal/Home/Finances through all areas of life. Spirit Coaching/Decoding the messages from the Mind It is an ongoing partnership with self that benefits all aspects of self and other people. Producing gratifying results in your personal, professional and spiritual life. Generating a life work balance through understanding the four aspects of our human life force /through energy/Medicine Wheel https://ca.linkedin.com/in/presenttimealternatives https://www.facebook.com/whiteelkmedicinewomanSee more


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