Rosie White Elk Medicine Woman

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04 février 2016



 I have created videos with Cristi Brooks to inspire, create and heal one's self. We all walk on this planet to learn/grow and stay connected to creator.

 It is practice I say; we are tested to be strong/patient and connected no matter what...the world is full of 'learning lessons'.

As, soul we all have a unquie energy, this is through creator:) You are gifted for a reason, weather it be through music,crafts,langauge and anything your heart loves:) That is your signature from your soul (spirit) :)

I share my 'teachings' as I grew, with the spirit world as my teachers.It wasn't easy to break cycles,patterns but I did and I'm still learning by honoring who I'am:)

I hope to inspire,teach and grow with you as my audience.We are all amazing people, we are just wanting to dump the 'crap' (the suffering and survival) so we can be loved/nutured by 'being' ( who we truly are) 'self'/spirit'

Choose to be inspired, laugh,play and be one with me through these learning curves, blessings

Rosie White Elk

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