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I am a Cree/Ojibway songwriter who performs solo my over 47 songs(I write and compose my own lyrics and music for ALL my material) with my guitar and vocals on stage. I am also a student filmmaker who shoots videos weekly and edits and uploads with my non-aboriginal partner Gordon King Welke. For almost over 10 years we have been living, loving, & working together. Gordon and I, Leona, started as BEST FRIENDS and so shall it be this way for many, many years to come down the road. We also have worked together on several productions and other related business projects. We are definitely best friends--biz partners--lovers--soul mates forever--partners in crime, as they say.......by this last bit I do mean figuratively speaking. Individually, I am an awesome, generous and caring person to begin with and the same is said about Gordon. So, whenever we are together as one we....... we rock! Yes! I rock--Gordon rocks-----We totally compliment each other! Moving right along........ My latest webisode series include but are not limited to...Know Your Craft Shows 1, show 2, show 3 and they have funny weird performance shorts that roll right after each acting tip as presented and hosted by Gordon, and all shot by yours truly...moi(Leona Saackaney Sweet)! We are looking at expanding Know Your Craft to all additional key roles in filmmaking and arts in general over time through out start up organization. Our All Artists organization is a mix of profit and non-profit small companies which work for each other as fundraisers etc otherwise known as products and services. It's Called TO EACH or Toronto Entertainment & Artists Conglomerate Home in Toronto. We have also set up Artist Registry in our company which is part of TO EACH called CMMS or Community MediaM Marketing Strategy. The strategy is to match artists needing work(in this case it's work for filmmakers,website designers, graphic designers and so on& so forth) for low payment cash---same day. PLUS they get employment opportunities in the real world regarding actual industry experience making non-union small minidocs and new media videos for small businesses who cannot afford usually extremely high priced work expenses of marketing like this. Our Artists in Artist Registry are paid in cash the day of their work contract which can never be longer than 4 hours. We cap the payment for the Client (small biz) at $99.00 of which a portion is given to the artist who did the work, a small portion to CMMS for expenses and for upkeep on our equipment and supplies and tools and a small portion to a local charity. DAMN THE TORPEDOES! FULL STEAM AHEAD! see ya! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL ANYTIME---I, and I alone, will read and reply to your emails----so please.....don't be shy! MEEGWETCH! THANX! XXX...ndnredgrrl---Leona outSee more


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     Anything and Everything to do with Aboriginals everywhere in the world.  I am also interested in details about the immigration and settlement matters as well as, current events and popular culture ( lots of fun stuff ) Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people alike.

    These issues make up the basis of my new television and web series called 

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    uploaded date: 12-08-2010

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