Idle No More


26 March 2013


This channel is a compilation of videos, articles, and photos documenting Idle No More activities. Idle No More is an ongoing movement of among aboriginal peoples and their non-aboriginal supporters across the world. The movement has inspired protests in towns and cities across Canada, the US, and other countries.  Much of the protest is in reaction to the many pieces of legislation the Harper government has implemented that imposes on Aboriginals across Canada.

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"I" is for Idle No More: a video installation except

This video was initially inspired by the young students at the Native Education College that were engaged, often for the first time, in having their voices heard by Canadian society. Working with the print aesthetic of political posters, this video poster presents three voices, and three faces of individuals talking about their view point on and involvement in the Idle No More movement

April 13, 2013

Idle No More in Hayward

 The Overpass Light Brigade brought their LED letters to help the Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe to protest proposed mining in Wisconsin. An American contribution to the Idle No More movement.

Thanks yo Occupy Riverwest for sharing this video!

March 29, 2013