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In 2009, Rachel Uyarasuk, elder of the Inuit community of Igloolik (Nunavut), evokes the ancestors whose name she received at birth. She explains how this transmission ensured their return among the world of the living.

A film by Christin Merlhiot

France, 2014, 11 minutes, animation

Inuktitut with English & French subtitles

Live Webcast of NIRB Mary River Hearings

IsumaTV's online radio and TV coverage of the second round of Public Hearings on the Baffinland Iron Mine Mary River Environmental Review from Pond Inlet, Nunavut.

The Nunavut Impact Review Board (NIRB) is holding new public consultations to assess Baffinland’s revised Early Revenue Phase Proposal.

January 27 to 31, 2014

Starting 9 am EST, IsumaTV will stream live Inuktitut and English audio each day from the hearings.

Every evening from 8 to 10 pm EST, Zacharias Kunuk will host a live TV talk show to discuss issues raised at the hearings with community members and participants in the hearings.

INUKTITUT AUDIO FROM THE HEARINGS: www.isuma.tv/DID/radio/igloolik

ENGLISH AUDIO: www.isuma.tv/DID/Live/NIRBMaryRiverHearings/English

LIVE SHOW: www.isuma.tv/en/DID/Live/NIRBMaryRiverHearings

Both the live audio from the hearings and Kunuk’s evening show will also be broadcast by IsumaTV through local community radio channels and IsumaTV television network in Arviat, Cambridge Bay, Igloolik and Taloyoak.


For more information contact:
Zacharias Kunuk, 867-934-8725, zkunuk@isuma.ca
Norman Cohn, 514-576-0707, cohn@isuma.ca

Land Use and Adaptation

Indigenous peoples’ resilience is rooted in traditional knowledge and their deep understanding of the land.

For indigenous peoples, resilience is rooted in traditional knowledge, as their capacity to adapt to environmental change is based first and foremost on in-depth understanding of the land.

As climate change increasingly impacts indigenous landscapes, communities are responding and adapting in unique ways.

United Nations University (2012)


Wanorazi Yumneze (Awakening Spirit)

Documentary film about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments in Alberta and Saskatchewan. More importantly, this film is about communicating the voices and concerns of Indigenous people, who are often left out of decision-making processes, yet are among those most impacted.

Directed by Troy Stozed

Interview with Katarina Arnatsiaq

Interview was conducted by Madeline Ivalu with Katarina Arnatsiaq in Igloolik in 1991. English transcript available here.

A Changing World

On Baffin Island, two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Some residents of Igloolik react to this development : they worry that this industrial development will destroy their environment and the marine mammals as well as their culture and hunting life style.

Uma História dos Krenak (A History of the Krenak) Trailer

HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <krenak31 [at] hotmail [dot] com>

TRUMAI Festa do Taquara 1

HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <macareatrumai [at] gmail [dot] com> or <gabriela [at] isuma [dot] tv>

Synopsis: Video of the Taquara traditional party of the Trumai people.

TRUMAI Festa do Taquara 2

Synopsis: Video of the Taquara traditional party of the Trumai people.

'Essa imagem foi feito com um camera de celular por isso a imagem não ficou muito boa. Festa para afungentar mal espirito' - Macarea Trumai-

This video was taken with a celular phone that's why the image is not that good it is a party to keep away the bad spirits.


HELP WANTED! This group seeks help to to protect its land, language and culture. Contact: <macareatrumai@gmail.com> or <gabriela@isuma.tv>

The HOPEP Association of the Trumai Indians (AHIT, Associação HOPEP dos Índios Trumai) was created in march 2005, and is based in Canarana, Brazil. Its goal is to promote projects of sustaining development and of cultural recovery within the Trumai community.

For contacts or more information, the address is :

Associação Hopep dos Índios Trumai (AHIT)

Rua Barra do Garças No. 1046


Canarana - MT

CEP: 78640-000



Email: hoptrumai@hotmail.com



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