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Link to: Strata: Portraits of Humanity, February 2015
Archaeology in 12 Minutes; Photographing the Invisible (1) Christian Ris explains the story of archaeology, its challenges and major advances in a narrative style with...
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2015-02-26 15:27
Link to: Qajaq Parts 1 Apummaaq
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2015-02-23 09:42
Link to: Polka perlée
 Pearls for traditional Greenlandic clotheUummannaq© music Peter Grønvold
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bertrand lozay
2015-02-21 10:02
Link to: Qajaq Parts 7 : "Amiq & Paa"
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2014-10-15 12:22
Link to: Tohaknaak EP 47A - 1988
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IBC admin
2015-02-19 16:32
Link to: Kaugjagjuk
Kaugjagjuk is Artcirq’s first major production, created in 2005. It was originally performed in Igloolik for the summer solstice with the participation of more than 20...
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2015-02-14 23:24
Link to: Photos' exhibition in Uummannaq Library
Photos' exhibition in Uummannaq Library about Chukotka tour, opening during the KulturNat (24/01/2015) That video was broadcasted on KNR in Nunatsinnit TV-program:http...
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bertrand lozay
2015-01-29 19:34
Link to: Icebergs' extracts 2012/2015
Icebergs' extracts from the Expedition Avannaaa UPI production 2012 / 2015
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bertrand lozay
2015-02-16 15:56
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