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Link to: Arviat Public Meeting with GN Ministers: June 26, 2014
Four Nunavut Government cabinet ministers visited Arviat this week for a special public meeting at the community hall.The event, part of a Kivalliq regional tour, was hosted...
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2014-06-28 00:23
Link to: Paul Quassa - Arviat Town Meeting - June 26
Nunavut Education Minister and Minister responsible for Nunavut Arctic College Paul Quassa speaks at the Arviat Town Hall meeting on June 26, 2014.Arviat welcomes GN...
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2014-06-27 22:11
Link to: Umingmak Frolics Parade 2014
The annual Umingmak Frolics parade!Held in Cambridge Bay - May 2014!Video runs 23mins 19 secsShot and Edited by John Main  
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2014-06-18 22:10
Link to: No to Enbridge Pipeline
I fully oppose this rammed thru go-ahead for the Gateway pipe construction. The propaganda machine is starting up and we must fight this with our last breath. IT can be...
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2014-06-18 19:13
Link to: Video News from TAC, June 2014
 Video News from TAC, June2014 (Biscayne shipwrecks: unnamed vessel; Jamestown Colony; Saxon sword replica)Divers and snorkelers can tour six shipwrecks on the Maritime...
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2014-06-11 12:52
Link to: Captain Gold's Presentation - History of the Haida People
Haida elder and historian Captain Gold of the Skidegate Haida makes a presentation on the history of the Haida people, combining dated material and Haida oral history. 
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2014-06-06 16:25
Link to: Worlds Collide
 Herschel Island is a small, unassuming parcel of land just off the Yukon coast. It lies silently on the margins of geography, entrapped in the footnotes of history, a...
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2014-06-05 02:16
Link to: I Nuligak
 On Herschel Island, a young Inuvialuk boy, Nuligak, came of age. Fascinated by Herschel, but equally repelled by the excess or so-called civilization. Through Nuligak's...
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2014-05-07 02:14
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