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Link to: Takuginai - (Show 6 Different Settlement Outpost)
This is the premiere Aboriginal language program in North America directed at children. Takuginai is one of IBC's longest running, best known and most loved programs. The...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 14:52
Link to: Men's Gathering/short Video/Taloyoak/December,2014.
 Allooloo men's gatheringcamera & editJoseph Quqqiaq Jr December,2014.Taloyoak,Nu.
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2015-01-07 00:39
Link to: 00132IQ+Takug-90-04-Inuk
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IBC admin
2016-01-13 02:50
Link to: Arviat Youth Art and Film Sexual Health Interventions
A community-based, participatory action sexual health education intervention and tool kit developed for Nunavut youth ages 15-24.Lesson plans and other learning resources...
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2015-12-22 23:08
Link to: Takuyaksat Ep 59 2nd Annual Music Fest _1990
Takuyaksat Special-2nd Annual Music Fest _1990Program name: TakuyaksatTakuyaksat – was a Baker Lake production involving cultural activities, storytelling, hunting,...
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IBC admin
2015-02-11 15:50
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David Ertel
2010-10-15 11:11
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