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Link to: One Minute forty three seconds of Thought
Hi, 2015, I decided to change  earlier pic upload to this schematic from my first production after my 1989 SFU degree in BC, my first  published radio...
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2014-05-04 10:52
Link to: New Years 2015/Square Dance/Northern Light Dancers
 new years 2015,Taloyoak,Nu. Northern Light Dancers  Taloyoak People.
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2015-01-06 21:35
Link to: Men's Gathering/short Video/Taloyoak/December,2014.
 Allooloo men's gatheringcamera & editJoseph Quqqiaq Jr December,2014.Taloyoak,Nu.
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2015-01-06 23:39
Link to: Mensajes de lideres Kuna, Ngobe, Bribri, y Brunca en Panamá y Costa Rica
Esta serie le invita a una gira de las comunidades indígenas de Panamá y Costa Rica. Con el equipo de Sobrevivencia Cultural, visitamos a Kuna Yala, tierra de los Kuna; Ngobe...
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Cultural Survival
2015-01-07 14:46
Link to: Sobre el Derecho Indígena de Consentimiento Libre, Previo, e Informado (CLPI) -- en Português
O Consentimento Livre, Prévio, e Informado (CLPI) é o princípio em que as comunidades têm o direito de dar consentimento aos projetos que afetem as terras, recursos, e os...
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Cultural Survival
2015-01-07 15:01
Link to: Defendiendo territorio indígena con estrategias de la base en Perú (2014)
En noviembre del 2013, un equipo de Sobrevivencia Cultural visitó a la comunidad de Nuevo Andoas en Loreto, Perú, para conocer la situación de grave contaminación...
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Cultural Survival
2014-11-18 11:39
Link to: IBC
Channel IBC
The Inuit Broadcasting Corporation provides a window to the Arctic by producing award-winning television programming by Inuit, for Inuit. Created in the late 1970's, IBC is,...
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Gabriela Gamez
2009-01-15 18:26
Link to: School Grad, Picknic
 Takuginai S 13 Ep 1 - 1998Duration: 29:50This is the premiere Aboriginal language program in North America directed at children. Takuginai is one of IBC's longest...
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IBC admin
2015-01-05 15:19
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