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All the way to Timbuktu


03 February 2008


A documentary of the journey from the Arctic to Timbuktu, for the Festival au Desert. 10 young people, 6 from Igloolik, 2 from Iqaluit and 2 from france, meet in the sahara desert to perform in Bamako and Timbuktu, and give circus workshops to youth on the way

Filmmaker: Guillaume Saladin-Solomon Uyarasuk

Filmmaker Contact:



Producer's Name: Artcirq

Year of Production: 2008

Distributor Information:


Igloolik youth productions

Country: Canada

Region: Timbuktu Mali

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26m 57s


Artcirq, au desert, canada, festival, mali, timbuktu




Igloolik, NU, Canada

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    Asiu (Lost)

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    Footage from Artcirq's performance of ASIU (Lost) at the 2014 edition of the Alianait Arts Festival in Iqaluit.

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