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Nunavut (Our Land)


26 June 2019



3h 22m 16s


caribou, children, dog sled, elders, home, hunting, Nunavut, Seal, tent
  • 00:00 Nunavut (Our Land) | Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 10, Qaisut

    Duration: 28m 54s

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    Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 10, Qaisut, Igloolik Isuma Productions 1995, Producers Zacharias Kunuk, Pauloosie Qulitalik, Norman Cohn. Inuktut w/English s-t. .

  • 00:28 Nunavut (Our Land) | Nunavut (Our Land) Episode 2: Avaja

    Duration: 28m 50s

    Inuaraq's family finally arrives at Avaja to a warm welcome. Yet, many changes have taken place. On the hill above the tents, they now find a wooden church and a priest. Sharing the fresh caribou feast, telling stories, Inuit are interrupted by the bell ringing. Inside the church the sermon is clear: Paul 4:22, 'Turn away from your old way of life.'

  • Duration: 28m 53s

    Igloolik, Fall-Winter 1946. It's almost a month since the sun disappeared. Back in the stone house everyone wakes up to Christmas Day. For Inuit in 1946, Christmas is a strange mix of ritual, some from the old life and some from the new.

  • Duration: 28m 55s

    Igloolik, Fall 1945. Even here, news of the terrible world war raging outside makes people frightened and uneasy. They talk of the danger of the unknown future, of shamanistic intervention to protect their culture.

  • Duration: 28m 51s

    Igloolik, Fall-Winter 1946. Sitting around the stone house carving a harpoon, Qulitalik starts talking about the year gone past. Everyone joins in with stories and laughter. Tea is boiling over the seal lamps, children playing on the caribou skin beds. Grandmother tells the old stories, everybody has a new one. Home is warm and cozy.

  • Duration: 28m 56s

    Igloolik, Fall 1945. Akkitiq wakes up to a nice day for seal hunting. The stone house is warm and comfortable. Men pack up the dog team and look for seals on the fresh ice,while women work at home. Sometimes, the squabbling of children leads to trouble among families.

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