Multimedia Sharing and Custom Designed Channels

IsumaTV carries over 5000 videos, and thousands of other images and audio files, in more than 70 different languages, on 800+ user-controlled channels, representing indigenous cultures and media organizations from Canada, U.S.A., Greenland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and all over Latin America.


IsumaTV is a collaborative multimedia platform for indigenous filmmakers and media organizations. All users can take advantage of the platform to:

  • Register & Open as many channels as needed.
  • Upload videos as well as photos and audio files to their own channels.
  • Upload multiple videos at the same time via FTP.
  • Upload instantly through email.
  • Choose their preferred thumbnail to represent their media.
  • Publish text posts and attach images, PDF documents or other files for download.
  • Tag their videos, photos or audio files for increased searchability.
  • Link any other channel on IsumaTV to their own through "Related Channels".
  • Edit & Remove their media or related information at any time.
  • Retain 100% copyrights to all their media.
  • Manage their channels by designating other users as their administrators.
  • Network with other users by inviting them to join and follow their channels.
  • Reach viewers with varying internet connections through automatic optimized page loading and multiple resolution playback of all their videos allowing for easy streaming and less buffering for people with low-internet connections, and providing 1080p HD to those with hi-speed internet.
  • Communicate with viewers in a multi-language interface.
  • Share their media widely with viewers on any computer or mobile devise through the website's responsive design that automatically adjusts the display to fit any screen size.
  • Distribute their videos and audio files as downloadable podcasts.
  • Access remote audiences through the automatic synchronization of their videos to IsumaTV's Mediaplayer Distribution Network which streams videos at high-speed in isolated communities with poor internet connection. Find out more here.
  • Engage viewers through the integration of Facebook commenting, liking and sharing.
  • Embed their videos on other websites.


Larger media organizations can custom-design their own space, or channel, to reflect their own identity, mandate and audience. By uploading digital media to the IsumaTV shared state-of-the-art infrastructure, each organization pays a fraction of the cost of creating and maintaining the platform, without needing to re-invent the digital wheel over and over again.

Multiple additional features are available to media organization hosting their collection on IsumaTV, such as:

  • Geoblocking restricting their media to the IsumaTV Mediaplayer Network in remote indigenous communities.
  • Private channels and media.
  • Personalized URLs for their channels and media.
  • Embedded subtitles in multiple languages for individual videos.
  • VOD setup to digitally distribute and sell videos to viewers for personal use.
  • Playlists to curate their media and enhance engagement with their audience.
  • Multi-Channels Display to stream media on more than one channel.
  • Detailed Statistics on media views and viewers.
  • Advanced tagging options for custom tagging fields, permissions and menus.
  • Translated interface to their indigenous language.
  • Promote their media on the IsumaTV front page feature window.
  • Promote their media through the IsumaTV Mediaplayer Network of local program managers.
  • Completely Customized channel and video display appearance.