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IQ Part I


04 April 2008


A video of a lesson using the ‘Exploring Inuit Culture Curriculum’ of Isuma. Bringing Inuit culture into primary schools for the International Polar Year, the EICC is a multi-media unit for grades 4-6 about Inuit culture, the Arctic and Canada’s newest territory, Nunavut. Lesson plans aligned to elementary curricula are based on five DVDs and a music CD from the Igloolik Isuma Productions media collection. Following a 100-page curriculum guide written and field-tested by elementary school teachers, teachers and students explore the richness of Inuit culture and unique Canadian Arctic from an Inuit point of view.

Filmmaker: Gail Pinkham

Filmmaker Contact:



Producer's Name: Rosa Flynn

Year of Production: 2007

Distributor Information:


http://www.isuma.ca/buy www.vtape.org

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