2016 Arviat Hope Walk - Reflections with Shelby and Innosar

JAHS graduates and role models for Inuit youth, Shelby Angalik and Innosar Issakiark from Arviat TV share their reflections on the 2016 Arviat Hope Walk.

The youth-organized event was conceived during the Arviat Youth Leadership Camp held July 1-8, 2016 with support from the Hamlet of Arviat, TakingITGlobal and the Samuel Family Foundation. 


 These are some drawing I made with photoshop. Was made to be simple and represent who I am.

123-07173OT-Takuginai-happy song and card game

Mary Ineak sings "If you're happy and you know it" with two children, Tooneejoulee Kootoo and Mialia Shiutiapik, and plays an animal card game. Miali Ainia marruunik surusiinni ingiqatiqaqtillugu "quviasummarikuviimi" ammalu pinguaqatiqaqtillugu uumajuit missaanut.


113-07174OT-Takuginai-storybook about an egg

A teacher reads a book about a crazy mannik (egg) and sings Nuukaakuulu with the childern. Ilisaiji uqalimaaqtillugu "sikkangajaaq manni"mi ammalu ingiqtillugi Nuukaakuuluumi.


45-07120OT-Takuginai-stop smoking song

A stop smoking song by the Uvagut Band. Siggaliaqtuttailimaniup missaanut ingiqtut Uvagut Band.



Program name: Inukshuk
Producer: Baker Lake - Broadcasting Corporation
Host: Hugh Haqpik
Segment 1: The life story of Henry Ford, who lives in Baker Lake.
Segment 2: Jacob Ikinilik tells his life story.

Sexual Health: An Introduction to Arviat Youth Art and Film

An introduction to the Arviat Youth Art and Film initiative, developing arts-based sexual health interventions for Inuit youth in Arviat, Nunavut.

Food Is Belonging: Global Dignity 2015 in Arviat

This video was filmed, produced and edited by Dylan Clark from the Climate Change Adaptation Research Group at McGill University:

The Food is Belonging Event was hosted by TakingITGlobal and Arctic College as part of Global Dignity 2015 Celebrations.


Walking in the north, take 2

Dramatic landscape, take 2 

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