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07 mayo 2012


8 FIRE listening to the truth - Is a collective conciseness and will not be lit by one medicine thats egocentric and the "civilized" way ... In the dog days before the 7 fires in the time of Nanabush... who gave us fire, all the people had and carried medicine it was the original way to co-exsist with nature and each other...The 8th fire will be lit by all those who can possibly evolve and reach too this knowledge.. collectively.... WE ALL HAVE THIS MEDICINE AND IT MAY NOT ALL BE THE SAME MEDICINE BUT COLLECTIVELY WE CAN USE OUR OWN INDIVIDUAL MEDICINES TO SOLVE A MAJOR PROBLEM THAT WE WILL all HAVE...very soon!

In the civilized way we have been instilled with the believe that we need to look to one individual or small group of thinkers to solve the problems we are and will be experiencing... if we stop cooperating with the Greed-Power we will have the majority and take back our right of self-determenation, this will only happen when we realize that our movment towards self sustainability and our responsibility to the the earth is a priority and only then will we co-exsist,
This road will not be an easy road, you know it,I know it,and we all know it, so... it is at this time that we need to turn our backs on the leaders that have made deals with the corporations governments and organized religious sects and determine for are selves our alliance with the animals plants and of course our Great Mother the Earth.

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anishaanabae, Kerry Atjecoutay, saulteaux.ojibwa

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