We Are One extensive list of Indigenous Resources and Nations.  transmits audio from environmental gatherings, actions, forums & activities.

The First Nations:Land and Environmentalism in British Columbia is a website that documents, in pictures with commentary, the environmental havoc caused by today's society andt argues that the road back to environmental sanity must go through the restitution of past wrongs to First Nations by means of strong support for their land rights over and against the continuing rapacious and short sighted destruction of primaeval forests, ancient trees, wild salmon runs, grizzly bear habitats, etc.

The Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways was developed from the aspirations of Indigenous Elders, to preserve and recognise Traditional Indigenous Knowledge. Through a grass roots methodology, we are connecting Indigenous groups to recognise and strengthen Traditional Knowledge to  benefit Environment and Community well being, for all present and the future generations.

UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues' mandate is to discuss indigenous issues related to Economic and Social development, Culture, the Environment, Education, Health and Human Rights.

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21 enero 2009


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