dog sled

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    86-07178OT-Takuginai-fall camping

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: Takuginai Educator Series

    Ataatatsiaq set's up his hunting gear in the qamutik. Ataatatsiaq, Anaanatsiaq, and Johhny take off in the dog sled. They stop to take a rest and have some tea. They also talk about where they met and where they used to hunt and fish. They stop where they were originally born and set up their tent. Ataatatsiaq atuinnaruqsaitullugu aummitirminni qamutinganut.… Leer más

    uploaded date: 29-03-2016

  • 8m 18s

    9-07173OT-Takuginai-dog teams

    uploaded by: IBC admin

    canal: Takuginai Educator Series

    Celestine Erkidjuk talks about the harness & whip for dog sleds. He also talks about how to treat and respect dogs with Michael Noah and Melinda Kilabuk. Silasinu Iqitjuk unikaaqtillugu qimmiit anungita missaanut ammalu ilinniaqtittitillugu qanuq qimmiit kamagijauttiariaqannginni Maiku Nuamut ammalu Malinta Qilavvarmmut.


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    uploaded date: 27-03-2016

  • 33m 54s

    Queen Of The Quest

    uploaded by: Carol Kunnuk

    canal: Arnait Video Productions

    Full Master verson of the documentary film "Queen Of The Quest".

    As the first woman to compete in and win the “Nunavut Quest” dog team race, Denise Malliki is a great source of inspiration for many young Inuit women and men as well as a compelling ambassador for our Inuit culture and traditions.

    Director: Carol Kunnuk

    Year: 2010

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    uploaded date: 15-03-2012