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    Program name: Kippinguijautiit (Things to Pass Time By): This show entertains the audience with funny and interesting stories on traditional and contemporary Inuit way of life. Kippingujautiit features northern musical talent and coverage of games and special events. Kippinguijautiit was the most popular Inuktitut language program from the audience survey conducted in 1992.… Leer más

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    Tohaknaak Ep 16 - 1986

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    Program name: Tohaknaak
    Producer: Cambridge Bay - Inuit Broadcasting Corporation
    Host: Ada Todd
    Location: Cambridge Bay

    Segment 1: Reporter Harry Maksagak interviews participants of the Regional Youth meeting in Cambridge Bay, N.W.T. (October 17-22 1986). This includes an interview with Alana Tylor, organizer of the meeting.

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  • Nunavut Arctic College

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    Nunavut Arctic College is a leader in Adult Basic Education and has a strong commitment to provide high quality educational opportunities to all residents of Nunavut. 

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