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Six Nations: Band Councillor Bill Montour. Part 3

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27 octubre 2008


Part 3: Bill Montour - Six Nations elected councillor in the Indian Act administrative body, the Band Council - speaks about the history of research that has been done to establish Six Nations ownership to the Haldimand Tract.

He highlights the 1763 Royal Proclamation and how it defines the relationship between the Indigenous and settler societies. Bill also explains that the Six Nations deed stipulates the terms of the use of the land. Six Nations has a large population of approx 17,000 residents inhabiting 46,000 acres in southern Ontario.

There are many government companies on reserve extracting natural resources, and the government aims to build a free-trade zone throughout the region. Note: The Indian Act was established in 1876. It is administered by the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. It is a colonial piece of legislation that determines who is Indigenous and governs the system of 'Indian' reserves in place today.

For more information about the Six Nations Struggle, visit:, and

To find out about Six Nations Land claims, visit:

To find out more about the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, visit:, and

Year of Production: 2008

Country: Canada

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