Show me on the map: discussions on mining on Aboriginal lands

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26 mayo 2009


Show me on the map is a project produced by Arnait VIdeo Productions.

Mining has already started to change the look of the towns of Nunavut in inordinate ways largely uncontrolled by the residents of the towns. Some people support and others are strongly opposed to mineral exploitation. Mining creates jobs but takes its toll on traditional visions of and relations to the land. Still, the debate is not really on and public, with few outlets for expressing everybody’s concern and point of view.

We are using video as a tool for investigating our subjects, some of which are: the impact of industrialization and mining on local mythology and legends, how people make choices for their future, the coexistence of tradition and economical development, the power of communities in negociating with mining companies. This work will be shared through the internet, as a video installation and as a film. We hope you will participate in the debate.

We would like to acknowledge the support of Canada Council for the Arts to make this project possible.

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Show Me on the Map. Episode 1 - A Changing World

On Baffin Island, two mountains of ore will be cut down at Mary River. Some residents of Igloolik react to this development : they worry that this industrial development will destroy their environment and the marine mammals as well as their culture and hunting life style.

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