Sila Isumataungmat

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02 diciembre 2008


To bring awareness about Inuit beliefs and values regarding environment (land, waters, weather and animals).


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Letter from residential school survivor

Many victims are never compensated

I would like to comment on the letter in Nunatsiaq News on May 29 by a person whose name was withheld, "Are the right "victims" getting compensation?"

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junio 17, 2009

On at LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium round table

On at LaFontaine-Baldwin Symposium round table  I first quoted an elder that said this about 12 years ago, she died last year:   "Just because we don't speak English does not mean we are not capable of thinking or having ideas."  <… Leer más
junio 2, 2009

Nanuit miksaanut - regarding polar bears

Taimanganit Inuit innaillu uqaqattaqput “Sila isumataungmat” silamillu uqausiqaraangamik silatuinnarmik uqausiqangilat imarmik imarmiutanik, nunamik nunamiutaniglu
Inuit innaitlu taimanganittauq uqaqatarivut nanuigguq tusangmata uqausiuluariaqangittut, nanurmiguq takujumaniraqattangilluta niriunangittumiguq nanurmut tikitautuinnariaqarapa
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diciembre 2, 2008