Rosemary Kuptana Testimony

Acerca de este video

Rosemary Kuptana's residential school survivor testimony. In English.

Filmmaker: Zacharias Kunuk

Year of Production: 2008

Country: Canada

Region: NorthWest Territories


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Thanks Mom, you are an incredible survivor and a great role model in my life. Me and the kids are proud of you and we all love you <3

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Thank you!  Thank you, Rosemary Kuptana, thank you Zacharias Kunuk, thank you Isuma. My wife and I canoed the Thomsen River in 1997 and spent several magical days at a place called "The Kuptana Site" - and reminiscing about that I found your wonderful film, with all the sense of history, and attitudes, and endurance it holds. Thank you to everyone who lived in, who can tell so well, and who films and uploads these parts of who we all are, together. -- Phil, USA.

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