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ARTCO music workshop leader

I am a percussionist/composer specialized on contemporary music. I devote most of my time to interdisciplinary artistic projects.

I was born and raced in Mexico City having the opportunity to be in touch with several Mexican indigenous communities where many experiences and friends have substantially changed my life.

I have performed in all five continents collaborating with artists like Pierre Boulez, John Zorn, Steve Reich, Kaija Saariaho, Alvin Currant, Frederic Rzewski, Anthony Pateras, and John Luther Adams.

I am a member of the groups The Electronic Hammer, Insomnio ensemble, and Ear Massage percussion quartet with whom we were awarded 2nd prize at the Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition (2009) and 3rd Prize at the International Percussion Competition (2005).

At the moment I study a doctorate on music performance at McGill University with the financial support of the fellowships MIDAS, Schulich, and Provost.




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  • Community

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    About the Community

    The community has four names Kuujjuarapik (small great river in Inuktitut), Whapmagoostui (place of the beluga in Cree), Poste-de-la-Baleine (in French), and Great Whale River (in English).

    Great Whale River is the northernmost Cree village in Quebec and the southernmost Inuit village located at the mouth of the Great Whale River on the coast of Hudson Bay in Nunavik, Quebec, Canada. The community has about 500 Inuit people and 800 Cree people and is only accessible by air and, in late summer, by boat.

    Although the permanent cohabitation of Inuit and Cree at the mouth of the Great Whale River only goes back to the year 1950, the two nations have been side by side in this area for a very long time; Inuit close to the coast and the Cree more in the interior lands.

    The community seen by:

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    uploaded date: 05-09-2011

  • Currently at ARTCO

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    chaîne: ARTCO

    The ARTCO model was first applied to Inuit and Cree children in the side-by-side communities of Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagoostui.


    In 2011, two different groups of schoolchildren participate in a series of creative workshops lead by professional guest artists. Through a multidisciplinary process, the children use ARTCO iPods to create multimedia, upload and share it wireless through the ARTCO website. The workshops conclude with a multimedia exhibition open to the entire community.


    In 2012, dancer Mennatalla Shawki travels to the community to give the children workshops in Egyptian dance and to continue to engage and encourage them to create new recordings and expand their dialogue using the iPods and the ARTCO website.


    Based on success, challenges and lessons learned from this experience in Kuujjuarapik-Whapmagoostui, ARTCO is currently designing a new platform to better showcase the children's work, foster more meaningful interactions among the different participants, and are looking into reproducing the project in other communities and expending the discussing to other children.


    For more information, contact: artco@isuma.tv

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    ARTCO "Artisans of Today's Communities" is a project led by Kingulliit Productions and IsumaTV where Inuit and Cree children use new media tools to explore their past and present realities, practice collective action and create a better future.

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    uploaded date: 22-08-2011