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DAMT5K Hawaian Resistance AKA Lefty's revolution Promo 2017


05 January 2017

2365 ḵing gan

 Government rep recording Willy Frencheater and notifying agency, package handoff and surveillance of Indian Terrorist & Militant on the move. For guerilla film DAM T5K Hawaiian sovereignty AKA Lefty's Revolution. Looking for Co-producers, funders and like minded people to help complete this guerilla film about the nature of all our lives
DAM T5K Hawaiian sovereignty AKA Lefty's revolution, an experimental guerilla film exploring The New World Order Indigenous Resistance, Jesus Christ and all that is and is to be
Written & Directed by Donald Morin,
Executive Producer Alexander Morin
with Willy Frencheater,
Evangelist John Stewart
and Upcoming Actor Bradley Fehr

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5m 45s


A Donald Morin project, Lefty' revolution

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